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2014, VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2Pages: 01-07

Current status, issues and conservation strategies for Rattans of North-East India

Hans Raj, Sandeep Yadav* and N. S. Bisht
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A comprehensive account of the status of rattans found in the north-east region of India is presented here. Out of the 600 species found worldwide, a total of 20 species of rattan are found in North-East India. Rattan is inseparably attached with the tradition and culture of tribal people of the North-Eastern region. Since antiquity, people of this region have used to make many articles of daily use. The unique mix of characteristics such as strength, durability, flexibility etc, makes rattan a very good raw material for furniture and handicraft industries. But sadly, these industries, through their continued overexploitation and unsustainable extraction of rattan, have exhausted the natural rattan resources of the region. Major issues and threat to the conservation of rattans are noted, and lastly solutions are suggested for the sustainable extraction and conservation of this valuable resource.
Geographical distribution of rattans in India.

Fig.: Geographical distribution of rattans in India.