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2014, VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3Pages: 80-86

Diversity, utilization and sacred values of Ethno-medicinal plants of Kumaun Himalaya

Anita Mehra*, Omesh Bajpai and Hema Joshi
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Kumaun Himalaya is characterized by a rich cultural and biological diversity as well as a rich heritage of traditional medicine system. The Himalayan people have a close association with nature. People used plants for fuel fodder medicine fruits etc. They considered some plants synonyms of god and worship because of the divine value of plant in Kumaun Himalayas. The present paper deals with ethno medicinal use and sacred value of some important plans of Kumaun region. The information was based on oral communication and interview with local people, rural persons, and vaidyas. During the study it was observed that 58 species of ethno-medicinal plants belonging to 38 families are being used in the folk-medicine system by the indigenous people of this region. In which 11 species were trees, 30 were herbs, 14 were shrubs and 02 were climbers. These identify the plants that need conservation and protection. A total 15 sacred plant recorded from 13 families which have high sacred value in Himalayan region and used in various ritual.
Map showing the study area.

Fig.: Map showing the study area.