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2015, VOLUME 2 ISSUE 3Pages: 172-174

Effect of red laterite soil and vermicompost on growth and development of chilli and brinjal grown under polypot conditions

Hruda Ranjan Sahoo, Madhuchhanda Sahoo, Mayeetreyee Baboo and Nibha Gupta*
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The effect of vermicompost on growth enhancement and productivity of vegetable crops like chilli and brinjal grown in polypots was observed under greenhouse conditions and compared with red laterite soil treated as control. Periodical observations noted at 30 days interval up to 120 days exhibited increasing order of growth enhancement in both the crop plants with vermicompost mixed soil. Although the effect of vermicompost on growth of chilli could not be significant; its impact on plant productivity is quite evident. However, significant difference could be observed in Brinjal plants grown in both the normal soil and vermicompost treated soil. Enhancement in growth parameters such as leaf area, fresh weight and shoot fresh weight was noticed but no direct effect of vermicompost in fruit productivity and total weight was observed.
Effect of Vermicompost on Chilli: A, Leaf number; B, Shoot height.

Fig.: Effect of Vermicompost on Chilli: A, Leaf number; B, Shoot height.