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2016, VOLUME 3 ISSUE 2Pages: 428-433

Comparative phytochemical analysis of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. Parasite grown on north India by GC-MS

Dhanendra Kumar Rai*, Vibhu Sharma, Krishan Pal and Rajan Kumar Gupta
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The present study was aimed to determine the phytochemicals present in Cuscuta reflexa parasite grown on two different areas. The comparative GC-MS analysis of extract of Cuscuta reflexa the plant grown on North India was performed. The extract of plant sample was dissolved in 75 ml of methanol for 24 hrs. Then the filtrates were collected and evaporated under liquid nitrogen. The GC-MS analysis was carried out using a Clarus 500 Perkin-Elmer (Auto system XL) Gas Chromatograph equipped and coupled to a Mass detector Turbo mass gold-Perking Elmer Turbomas 5.1 spectrometer with an Elite-1 (100% Dimethy1 ply siloxane), 30 m x 0.25 mm ID x 1 μm df capillary column. The instrument was set to an initial temperature of 110°C, and maintained at this temperature for 2 min. At the end of this period, the oven temperature was raised up to 280°C, at the rate of an increase of 5°C min-1, and maintained for 9 min. Injection port temperature was ensured as 250°C and Helium flow rate as 1 ml min-1. The ionization voltage was 70eV. The samples were injected in split mode as 10:1. Mass spectral scan range was set at 25–400 mhz. The chemical constituents were identified by GC-MS. The result of the GC-MS analysis of C. reflexa shows the presence nitrogen (13.56%), aromatic compound (7.88%), fluro (28.40%), alkaloid (7.64%), silica (5.66%), phosphorus (16.31%) and chlorine compounds (6.26%). In general the isolated compounds are reported to possess antimicrobial, antitumor, anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. This comparative study confirms that phytochemicals present in Cuscuta reflexa parasite depends on nature of plants.
GC-MS chromatogram of methanolic extracts of Cuscuta reflexa (Muzaffarnagar Sample).

Fig.: GC-MS chromatogram of methanolic extracts of Cuscuta reflexa (Muzaffarnagar Sample).