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2017, VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2Pages: 307-313

Ethnomedicinal aspects of climbing plants of Palpa district, Nepal

Anant Gopal Singh and Akhilesh Kumar*
*Department of Botany, Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University), Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Climbers are those plants which germinate on land and grow by adhering to other plants to attain great stature. Climbers are different in their mechanical characters, well adapted to climb on support like large trees, hedgerows or rocks by twining their stems, some climbers climb on support by the way of adventitious clinging roots, with twining petioles or by using tendrils. A total of 51 climbing plants species belonging to 40 genera and 22 families used in folk medicine have been documented from different VDCs of Palpa district.
Some ethnomedicinally important climbers:<strong> </strong><strong>A, </strong> <em>Abrus precatorius </em>L.; <strong>B, </strong> <em>Ampelocissus barbata</em> (Wall.) Planch; <strong>C, </strong> <em>Argyreia nervosa </em>(Burm.f.) Bojer; <strong>D, </strong> <em>Asparagus racemopsus </em>Willd; <strong>E, </strong><em> Basella alba</em> L.; <strong>F, </strong><em> Benincasa hispida </em>(Thumb.) Cogn<em>.</em>; <strong>G, </strong><em> Bauhinia vahlii </em>Wight & Arn; <strong>H, </strong><em> Boerhaavia difusa</em> L.; <strong>I, </strong><em> Capparis zeylanica</em> L.; <strong>J, </strong><em> Cissampelos pariera </em>L.; <strong>K, </strong><em> Clitorea ternatea </em>L.; <strong>L, </strong><em> Coccinia grandis </em>(L.) Voigt.

Fig.: Some ethnomedicinally important climbers: A, Abrus precatorius L.; B, Ampelocissus barbata (Wall.) Planch; C, Argyreia nervosa (Burm.f.) Bojer; D, Asparagus racemopsus Willd; E, Basella alba L.; F, Benincasa hispida (Thumb.) Cogn.; G, Bauhinia vahlii Wight & Arn; H, Boerhaavia difusa L.; I, Capparis zeylanica L.; J, Cissampelos pariera L.; K, Clitorea ternatea L.; L, Coccinia grandis (L.) Voigt.