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2017, VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2Pages: 330-331

A new distributional record for Gujarat state: Dipcadi saxorum Blatter

Rupesh R. Maurya, Umerfaruq M. Qureshimatva*, Sandip B. Gamit, Rajdeo Singh and Hitesh A. Solanki
*Department of Botany, USSC, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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Dipcadi is represented by 41 species in the world, India as one of the centers of diversity having 10 species with 4 varieties. Initially this genus was placed in Liliaceae. Six species of Dipcadi were assessed as threatened in India and thus prioritized for conservation. Dipcadi saxorum is one of the six threatened plants in India. Dipcadi saxorum is reported for the first time in Gujarat. Narmada district, Gujarat. It was earlier known as endemic to Maharashtra.
Photographs of <em>Depcadi saxorum</em> Blatter: <strong>A, </strong> Habit; <strong>B, </strong> Inflorescence; <strong>C, </strong> Flowers.

Fig.: Photographs of Depcadi saxorum Blatter: A, Habit; B, Inflorescence; C, Flowers.