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2017, VOLUME 4 ISSUE 3Pages: 421-432

New record of Cyanoprokaryotes from West Bengal in Maldah district

Pratibha Gupta
*Botanical Survey of India, Ministry of Environment Forests & Climate Change, Government of India, AJCBIBG, CNH Building, Botanic Garden, Howrah-711103, India
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Systematic survey and collection of Cyanoprokaryotes were carried out from different water bodies of Maldah District, West Bengal. During survey samples were sampled from 55 different water bodies of this area comprising 05 sites in rivers, 32 bils, 07 dighis, 02 Jheels, 09 ponds for which surveyed all administrative blocks of Maldah District namely Ratua I, Ratua II, Harishchandrapur I, Harishchandrapur II, Chanchal I, Chanchal II, Manikchak, Gazol, Habibpur, Bamangola, Old Maldah, English Bazar and Kaliachak. During the study, altogether 22 genera and 105 species (comprising 93 species, 09 varieties and 03 forms) were identified from different types of water bodies of Maldah District. Out of these 105, 27 species have been recorded from West Bengal. These species have been described here along with nomenclature and distribution.
<strong>A,</strong> <em>Cyanosarcina burmensis</em> (Skuja) Kovácik; <strong>B,</strong> <em>Dactylococcopsis raphidioides</em> Hansg.; <strong>C,</strong> <em>Gloeocapsa nigrescens </em>Nägeli; <strong>D,</strong> Microcystis ichthyoblabe Kütz.; <strong>E,</strong> <em>M. novacekii</em> (Komárek) Compère; <strong>F,</strong> <em>M. panniformis</em> Komárek; <strong>G–K,</strong> <em>M. wesenbergii</em> (Komárek) Komárek; <strong>L,</strong> <em>Aphanocapsa elachista</em> var. <em>conferta </em>W.West & G.S.West; <strong>M,</strong> <em>A. rivularis</em> (Carmich.) Rabenh.; <strong>N,</strong> <em>Synechocystis pevalekii</em> Erceg.; <strong>O,</strong> <em>Anabaena inaequalis</em> Bornet & Flahault; <strong>P,</strong> <em>Anabaena vaginicola</em> f. <em>fertilissima</em> B.N.Prasad; <strong>Q,</strong> <em>Nostoc ellipsosporum </em>var. <em>violaceum</em> C.B.Rao; <strong>R,</strong> <em>Komvophoron crassum</em> (Vozžhenn.) Anagn. & Komárek; <strong>S,</strong> <em>Oscillatoria angusta</em> Koppe.

Fig.: A, Cyanosarcina burmensis (Skuja) Kovácik; B, Dactylococcopsis raphidioides Hansg.; C, Gloeocapsa nigrescens Nägeli; D, Microcystis ichthyoblabe Kütz.; E, M. novacekii (Komárek) Compère; F, M. panniformis Komárek; G–K, M. wesenbergii (Komárek) Komárek; L, Aphanocapsa elachista var. conferta W.West & G.S.West; M, A. rivularis (Carmich.) Rabenh.; N, Synechocystis pevalekii Erceg.; O, Anabaena inaequalis Bornet & Flahault; P, Anabaena vaginicola f. fertilissima B.N.Prasad; Q, Nostoc ellipsosporum var. violaceum C.B.Rao; R, Komvophoron crassum (Vozžhenn.) Anagn. & Komárek; S, Oscillatoria angusta Koppe.