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2018, VOLUME 5 ISSUE 2Pages: 243-249

Lichen diversity in coal mining affected areas of Makum coalfield, Magherita, Assam

Sandeep Yadav*, Ajay Kumar, Hans Raj and H. R. Bora
*Forest Research Centre - Bamboo and Rattan, Aizawl, Mizoram, India
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The coal mining industry in Assam was started by the British in 1884. Coal mining activities are considered hazardous to the sustenance of biodiversity of the region, which is under Eastern Himalayan province, the richest bio-geographical province of the Himalayan zone and also falls in one of the mega biodiversity hotspots of the world. Makum Coalfield of North Eastern Coalfields in Margherita of Tinsukia district of Assam was surveyed and lichen diversity of different sites was studied. Sites with active mining had very low diversity of lichens. Reclamation sites have an intermediate number of lichen species; rocks were under the process of lichenization. Reserve forests near the mining sites had maximum lichen diversity; understorey plants were abundant with follicolous lichens
<strong>A</strong>, Foliose thallus of <em>Parmotrema crinitoides</em>; <strong>B</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Phaeographina caesioradians</em>; <strong>C</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Phaeographis platycarpa</em>; <strong>D</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Pseudopyrenula pupula</em>; <strong>E</strong>, Follicolous thallus of <em>Strigulaelegans</em>; <strong>F,</strong> Follicolous thallus of <em>Trichothelium annulatum</em>; <strong>G</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Collema pulcellum</em>; <strong>H</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Letroutia transgressa</em>; <strong>I</strong>, Corticolous thallus of <em>Haemotomma puniecium</em>

Fig.: A, Foliose thallus of Parmotrema crinitoides; B, Corticolous thallus of Phaeographina caesioradians; C, Corticolous thallus of Phaeographis platycarpa; D, Corticolous thallus of Pseudopyrenula pupula; E, Follicolous thallus of Strigulaelegans; F, Follicolous thallus of Trichothelium annulatum; G, Corticolous thallus of Collema pulcellum; H, Corticolous thallus of Letroutia transgressa; I, Corticolous thallus of Haemotomma puniecium