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2018, VOLUME 5 ISSUE 3Pages: 396-404

Qualitative estimation of amylase enzyme activity of fungal species isolated from iron ore mined overburden soil

Poonam Verma* and R. K. Verma
*Bio-Design Innovation Center, Vigyan Bhawan, Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur-482001, Madhya Pradesh, India
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The enzyme is a biocatalyst and processes many biological activities. In the present investigation soil samples were collected from iron ore mined overburden soil and fungal flora were isolated. For qualitative estimation of fungi for amylase activity, plate assay method was used. Out of 99 fungi, only 21 test fungi were found to produce amylase. Most of the amylase producers identified belonged to Aspergillus sp., Penicillium sp., Periconia sp., Scytalidium sp., Memmoniella sp., Trichoderma sp., Phoma sp. and Fusarium sp. followed by Alternaria sp. Other 78 test fungi were found to grow on medium, but were unable to produce amylase. Maximum 44 fungi were isolated from Trichocomaceae family and one fungus from Chaetomiaceae and Myxotrichaceae family. Isolated fungi of Chaetomiaceae, Mucoraceae, Mycosphaerelleaceae, Myxotrichaceae and Nectriaceae family were unable to produce enzyme. Maximum numbers of enzyme producing fungi belongede to Trichocomaceae family, followed by Incertae sedis. In the present investigation observed that Penicillium sp. 1 give the highest relative enzyme activity index.
Amylase enzymatic activity:<strong> A</strong>,<strong> </strong>Control plate;<strong> B</strong>,<strong> </strong>Zone of hydrolysis activity;<strong> C</strong>,<strong> </strong>Negative result of amylase activity.

Fig.: Amylase enzymatic activity: A, Control plate; B, Zone of hydrolysis activity; C, Negative result of amylase activity.