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2019, VOLUME 6 ISSUE 2Pages: 320-325

Karyomorphological studies on seven variants of Clitoria terantea L. (Fabaceae)

J. Shamnad* and Dan Mathew
*Plant Genetic Resource Division, Jawaharlal Nehru Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
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Mitosis of seven variants of Clitoria ternatea was carried out and the number of chromosomes in all the variants were 16. Karyotype indicated that all the variants consist of nearly median and sub-median chromosomes. Total and absolute chromosome length were higher in double pink and lower in light blue. The analysis of total form percentage showed that ‛double pink’ possess lowest value and represented as the most advanced type whereas ‛single blue’ possess highest value and represented as the most primitive karyotype. The variation in chromosomal characters coincides with the morphological variability within the species.
Metaphase stage of root tip cells of <em>Clitoria ternatea</em> L.: <strong>A</strong>, Single blue; <strong>B</strong>, Single light blue; <strong>C</strong>, Single white; <strong>D</strong>, Single violet; <strong>E</strong>, Double blue; <strong>F</strong>, Double pink; <strong>G</strong>, Double white.

Fig.: Metaphase stage of root tip cells of Clitoria ternatea L.: A, Single blue; B, Single light blue; C, Single white; D, Single violet; E, Double blue; F, Double pink; G, Double white.