Tropical Plant Research

Volume 1, Issue 3


Study on relationship and selection index in chickpea


Author(s):M. A. Samad, Nibadita Sarker and A. C. Deb

Abstract: Correlation, path coefficients and selection index were studied in eight irradiated chickpea lines for eleven quantitative characters to design the selection strategy towards higher yield. Genotypic correlation coefficients were higher than the phenotypic correlation coefficients. Seed weight per plant (SW/P) was positively correlated with days to maximum flower (DMF), number of primary branches at maximum flower (NPBMF), number of secondary branches at maximum flower (NSBMF), plant weight after fully dry (PWFD), pod weight per plant (PdW/P) and number of seeds per plant (NS/P) both at phenotypic and genotypic levels. PdW/P and NS/P exhibited high significant positive correlation on SW/P. NS/P had the highest positive direct effect of 1.077 and 1.334 on SW/P at both levels, respectively whereas PdW/P showed positive direct effect of 0.346 at genotypic levels. Regarding selection NPBMF and root weight after fully dry showed highest genetic gain among the combinations of selection indices.

Related Graphics:

Figure: Path diagram of different yield contributing traits at phenotypic level.


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