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2015, VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1Pages: 30-35

Plant diversity assessment of Sariska tiger reserve in Aravallis with emphasis on minor forest products

Anil Kumar Dular
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The Sariska tiger reserve in Aravallis has its own importance and specific characteristics endowed with unique biodiversity. In the present study an attempt has been made to ascertain the current status of plant species which provides minor forest products or non-timber forest products which is used for the sustenance of livelihood of local peoples inside and outside the reserve. Attention is focused on one of the important reserve forest Rajasthan with pace of their endemism and facing number of challenges. Minor forest product are the part of traditional forest management, but new demands on forest are leading communities to seek more formal monitoring processes to guide the allocation and management of their shrinking biological resources. Present study emphasize on the assessment and management of plant diversity in perspective of a sustainable harvest of minor forest product of the limited area of the forest. The sustainable harvest of minor forest products requires a bit more than blind faith in the productive capacity of tropical plants. The controlled exploitation of minor forest product holds great potential as a method for integrating the use and conservation of tropical forest.
Study site: Sariska Tiger reserve, Rajasthan, India.

Fig.: Study site: Sariska Tiger reserve, Rajasthan, India.