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2016, VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1Pages: 18-32

Predicting suitability of tree species in various climatic conditions

Sharad Tiwari and Rajesh Kumar Mishra*
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Climate is a key factor shaping the forest environment; thus changes in the climate are likely to strongly affect forest ecosystems by altering the physiology, growth, mortality and reproduction of trees, the interactions between trees and pathogens, and ultimately the disturbance regimes (winds, wildfires, insect attacks, etc.). The sensitivity to such changes depends on the level that is considered (landscapes vs. forest, stands vs. single trees) and on the specific site conditions. These complex influences indicate that a changing climate may lead to non-linear responses, tipping points, etc., particularly since the longevity of trees implies that many individuals present today will experience substantial changes of the climate before they will be replaced by the next generation. Thus, the question arises to what degree current trees and forest ecosystems are able to cope with a changing climate. In the present work a user-friendly package “PLANTPAK” has been developed and tested successfully to evaluate the climatic suitability of forestry species in central Indian region. The package can be used to store, retrieve and display information based on simple key strokes. The package provides query on textural as well as map basis. The package is tested with 15 data records and all the features including data entry, information retrieval based on species name, location wise, climatic as well as edaphic fields are working properly. Further the package is also successfully tested for providing map based retrieval of information of suitable species.
Flow chart to search species by local details

Fig.: Flow chart to search species by local details