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2016, VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1Pages: 33-39

Eight new records of fresh water filamentous algae (Oedogonium Link) from India

Priya Jitendra* and V. K. Anand
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The present paper deals with the eight species of Oedogonium which are being reported for the first time from India. All the taxa are arranged in broad groups according to their morphological peculiarities and sexual reproduction i.e. Macrandrous (Homothallic and Heterothallic). During the present investigation 5 macrandrous homothallic {Oedogonium subvaucherii Claass., O. pseudofragile Claass., O. upsaliense (Wittr.) Hirn., O. visayense Britt., O. amplius (Tayl.) Tiff.} and 3 macrandrous heterothallic forms {O. cf capillare (L) Kutz., O. angustistomum Hoff., O. magnusii Wittr. var. major Bock and Bock} have been collected for the first time from India.
<b>A</b>, <i>Oedogonium subvaucherii</i> Claass.; <b>B</b>, <i>O. pseudofragile</i> Claass.; <b>C</b>, <i>O. upsaliense</i> (Wittr.) Hirn; <b>D</b>, <i>O. visayense</i> Britt.; <b>E</b>, <i>O. amplius</i> (Tayl.) Tiff.; <b>F–G</b>, <i>O. cf capillare</i> (L) Kutz.

Fig.: A, Oedogonium subvaucherii Claass.; B, O. pseudofragile Claass.; C, O. upsaliense (Wittr.) Hirn; D, O. visayense Britt.; E, O. amplius (Tayl.) Tiff.; F–G, O. cf capillare (L) Kutz.