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2016, VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1Pages: 67-69

Three new combinations in Acmella (Asteraceae: Heliantheae)

Reshmi G. R.* and Rajalakshmi R
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Three new combinations are proposed: Acmella vazhachalensis (Sheela) Reshmi & Rajalakshmi, A. ghoshinis (Sheela) Reshmi & Rajalakshmi and A. tetralobata (Reshmi & Rajalakshmi) Reshmi & Rajalakshmi, based on taxa originally described in Spilanthes.
<b>A</b>, Habit of <i>Acmella ghoshinis</i>; <b>B</b>, Twig of <i>A. ghoshinis</i>; <b>C</b>, Habit of <i>A. tetralobata</i>; <b>D</b>, Twig of <i>A. tetralobata</i>; <b>E</b>, Habit of <i>A. vazhachalensis</i>; <b>F</b>, Twig of <i>A. vazhachalensis</i>.

Fig.: A, Habit of Acmella ghoshinis; B, Twig of A. ghoshinis; C, Habit of A. tetralobata; D, Twig of A. tetralobata; E, Habit of A. vazhachalensis; F, Twig of A. vazhachalensis.