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2017, VOLUME 4 ISSUE 2Pages: 319-329

Bioprospecting fungal diversity from crude oil infiltrate soil of Assam, India’s Northeast

N. F. Islam*
Department of Botany, N.N. Saikia College, Titabar-785630, Jorhat, Assam, India
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The Screening of native fungi from crude oil contaminated soil of Assam is conducted. Total crude oil concentrations varied from 39000 mg.Kg-1 to 51500 mg.Kg-1. The soil fungal population varied from 14.6×106 CFU.g-1 to 19.2×106 CFU.g-1 soil. Twenty fungal strains were isolated and out of them seven were selected on the basis of their ability to grow in PDA medium where crude oil is used as sole carbon source. The growth rate and tolerance of each strain to crude oil were examined and were found quite satisfactory. The radial extension rate varied from 0.03 cm.d−1 to 0.50 cm.d−1 and exhibited significant differences (P< 0.01) among the selected strains. The degradation percentage of crude oil was in the range of 71% to 89% in mineral salt medium (MSL) after the incubation for 28 days showing outstanding potential of isolates.
map of the study area showing sampling sites.

Fig.: Location map of the study area showing sampling sites.